Our history

The Cuccu business started in 1946, established by Mr. Giovanni Cuccu, the Cuccu brothers father, a smith who developed his business modifying and improving his production in time first turning to metal framing and, gradually, to the production of aluminium frames .

After the two sons introduction in the father s business the sector of aluminium doors and windows became stronger and expanded so remarkably that a new site, highly equipped with all the latest machinery at the time, had to be built enabling the firm to work on major orders for leading firms and companies either in Sardinia and in other parts of the country.

In the 1980s the incessant quest for innovative materials and new technologies persuaded the Cuccu business to focus their activity on the PVC sector so that it has specialized in the production of PVC doors and windows since 1985.

About in the mid 1990s, with the introduction of new partners in the business and its changing into a limited one the production of frames started to develop together with the production of PVc sections, becoming the first and only company in Sardinia, a realleader in the business.

In 1996 the Cuccu company moved to the industrial area in Assemini Macchiareddu, to a new building 4000 square metres large, where the Cuccu laboratories have designed and planned a set of really innovative sections for high quality frames, produced with modern technologies and put on the market as a new and creative solution in the frame building systems.


laboratorio Cuccu is a synonim of innovation and technology applied to the production of PVC sections; the design, the production process, the management controls, the quality characterising any stage of the production process, our technicians specialisations and inventiveness represent an exclusive competitive feature that Cuccu offers to all customers.

laboratory laboratory