The PVC casing

PVC (commonly called Plastic) is in reality a technologically advanced material, echological, recyclable, unaffected in time and extraordinarily suitable for frames production.

PVC is a firm material, it does not create moisture trap, it is unaffected by saltiness, by chemical and atmospheric agents, so the house is healthier, and fits the environment, the maintenance is really cheap, without any need to be painted but simply to be cleaned with water and soap.

PVC is a low thermic conductibility materialt so it ensures a very good insulation; this means reducing expenses for central heating and for air conditioning in houses, reducing thus also the CO2 emission in the environment.

The Cuccu PVC casing has been planned and realized so as to ensure the best performance and the highest comfort in the house, personalized according to the customer's needs as for sizes and types, ensuring a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation, a very good lock with wind blow up to 800 newton = 150 Km/hour, with absolutely no air draughts and dust inside the house.

Frames are characterized by round lines reminding the aesthetic warmth of wood, with 6 chambers 70x60 mm. in size with an open joint system, technologically the most advanced one, in an A2 Class as for resistance to the wind load for an energy value of 1,3 (W/m2K)

Our frames meet the strictest international rules, they are tested in our own laboratories, they undergo several functionality testst and are
CE certified according to the UNI EN 14351-1 as for

Air permeability Class 4
As for water tightness under static pressure Class E 1200
As for resistance to the wind load Class A 2
and resistance to the static torsion Class pass

Best quality, elastometric EPDM gaskets, and resistance to atmospheric agents
They are equipped with high quality accessories and locking hardware, protected against corrosion

They put in the Anti Folding system, the Antibreaking hardware, the Microairing, and the lock on the second shutter as standard

The standard insulated glasses are the 4/16/4 type - 4/12/4/12/4 and the 33 Visarm safety stratified ones 6/7-12-6/7 thickness for doors (according to the law prescriptions), all glasses have the low emitting Optitherm S1 tretament, with an XL8 molecular sieve inside the tracks, plus ARGON GAS.
U Thermal transmittance value (W/m2k ) =1,0 in agreement with the D.L. 192 of 19.08.2005